A series of conversations, technology demos, and keynotes from thought leaders at the intersection of carbon markets, sustainability, enterprise, and blockchain.

Interested in attending Climate
Week Blockchain Summit 2022?

Date & Time

September 20th, 2022

10:00 am to 10:00pm EST


Project Farmhouse

76 E 13th Street, New York NY 10003


  • Thought Leadership Panels & Keynotes

  • Happy Hour at the Library of Distilled Spirits

whats happening?

Climate Week Blockchain Summit is a day long summit bringing speakers at the intersection of blockchain, enterprise, carbon markets, and sustainability together for interactive conversations on the path to net zero and building climate resilient communities.

Project Farmhouse is a state-of-the-art sustainability center and event space that allows New Yorkers to explore environmental issues through the lens of food, horticulture, arts, and more. We have chosen this venue for Climate Week Blockchain Summit, as it truly embodies the beauty of sustainable living.

After a full day of thought leadership panels and keynotes, unwind and mingle with your colleagues alongside farm to table hor d'oeuvres, creative cocktails, and continued networking opportunities.

Climate Week Blockchain Summit Agenda

9:30 AM

Coffee & Ess-A-Bagels @ Project Farmhouse

10:00 AM

Climate Week Blockchain Summit Begins

10:05 AM

Q&A with Rep. Ritchie Torres (NY-15)

with Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY)
Moderated by Lini Klatt Flowcarbon

10:30 AM

Tokenization Benefits and Key Considerations

Sarah Leugers Gold Standard
JP Brisson Latham & Watkins
Benoit Clement Verra
Moderated by Dana Gibber Flowcarbon

11:10 AM

What is dMRV and Why Does the Voluntary Carbon Market Need it to Scale

Michael Kelly Open Forest Protocol
Charlie Moore Chainlink
Miles Austin Hyphen
Wes Geisenberger HBAR Foundation
Nadine Planzer Sustain CERT
Moderated by Robert Heilberg dClimate

11:45 AM

Blockchain for Impact: A Series on Real World Use Cases

Marek Olszewski Celo
Brynly Llyr WEF
Anna Lerner Climate Collective

12:00 PM

How To Build Greener Commodities Markets

Maryam Ayati Watr Protocol

12:15 PM Lunch Break

1:20 PM

Data interoperability for Climate/Nature Nexus

Zhi Yi Yeo Data-Driven EnviroLab
James Zhang Arboretica
Gavin McCormick Climate TRACE
Moderated by Martin Wainstein Open Earth

1:50 PM

Blockchain for Impact: A Series on Real World Use Cases

Sid Jha Arbol

2:05 PM Afternoon Break

2:20 PM

The Future of Corporate Sustainability and Carbon Management

Jon Leland Kickstarter
Justin Kamine Do Good Foods
Alexis Normand Greenly
Birju Shah Loam
Moderated by Julien Miller Flowcarbon

3:00 PM

Trends in corporate offset buying

Henning Huenteler Bain & Company
Drew Fleeter Boston Consulting Group
Moderated by Manavi Garg dClimate

3:25 PM

CFTC Commissioner Hon. Caroline Pham
in conversation with Sid Jha Arbol

3:45 PM

Project Finance & Investments: How to Scale New Project Development

Eron Bloomgarden Emergent
Lars Kvale Chia
Anastasia Istratova Fifth Wall
Stephen Donofrio Ecosystem Marketplace
Moderated by Steve Zwick Verra

4:25 PM

Sustainability Characteristics of Blockchain

Chris Perkins Coinfund
Daniel Liebau Modular Investments
Moderated by Osho Jha dClimate

4:40 PM

Blockchain-Enabled Project Finance and Development

Raphaël De Ry Allcot
Maex Ament Centrifuge
Adrian Wons Senken
Moderated by Nick Flowcarbon

5:05 PM


Akifumi (Chris) Takigawa Mitsubishi
Ryan Fishoff C+Charge
Derek McKenzie Deepmarkit
David Klatt Logical Buildings
Gerrit Sindermann Green Digital Finance Alliance
Moderated by Allie Lopez dClimate

5:30 PM Cocktail Reception starts at the Library of Distilled Spirits


Sid Jha

CEO @ Arbol
Founding Partner @ dClimate

Dana Gibber

CEO & Co-Founder @ Flowcarbon

Osho Jha

Chief Data Scientist @ Arbol
CEO @ dClimate

Michael Kelly

Co-Founder and CPO @
Open Forest Protocol

Hon. Caroline Pham

Commissioner, Commodity Trading Futures Commission

Miles Austin

CEO @ Hyphen Global

Henning Huenteler

Expert Associate Partner @ Bain & Company

Daniel Liebau

Chief Investment Officer @ Modular Blockchain Fund

Charlie Moore

Head of Carbon & Sustainability @ Chainlink Labs

Justin Kamine

CEO @ Do Good Foods

Alexis Normand

CEO & Co-founder @ Greenly

Sarah Leugers

Chief Strategy Officer @
Gold Standard

Wes Geisenberger

VP, Sustainability & ESG @ HBAR Foundation

Jon Leland

Chief Strategy & Head of Sustainability @ Kickstarter

Akifumi Takigawa

Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation

JP Brisson

Partner @ Latham & Watkins

Ritchie Torres

US Congressman for NY-15

Eron Bloomgarden

Founder & CEO @ Emergent

Louisa Durkin

Community Manager @ Climate Action Data 2.0 Community & Open Earth Foundation

Nadine Planzer

Director Business Development Environmental Markets @ SustainCERT

Maryam Ayati

Co-Founder @ Watr

Mo Islam

Investor @ Republic Capital

Justus Kilian

Partner @ Space Capital

Phil Fogel

Chief Blockchain Officer @ Flowcarbon

Benoit Clement

Director, Financial Innovations @ Verra

Zhi Yi Yeo

Data Scientist @ Data-Driven EnviroLab

Gavin McCormick

Co-Founder @ Climate TRACE

Martin Wainstein

Executive Director @ OpenEarth Foundation

Christopher Perkins

President @ Coinfund

James Zhang

Co-Founder & CEO @ Arboretica

Marek Olszewski

Co-Founder & CTO @ cLabs

Anastasia Istratova

VP Climate Tech @ Fifth Wall

Gerrit Sindermann

Director EAC Coalition @ Green Digital Finance Alliance

Lars Kvale

VP, Market Solutions @
Chia Network

David Klatt

COO @ Logical Buildings

Ryan Fishoff

CEO @ C+Charge

Maex Ament

Centrifuge Foundation

Derek McKenzie


Drew Fleeter

Project Leader, Climate & Sustainability @ Boston Consulting Group

Raphaël De Ry

Partner @ Allcot

Adrian Wons

Founder & CEO @ Senken